As anyone in the prairies should know, the crocus is indeed a hearty plant – one of the first flora to emerge in spring after a cold winter. Also nicknamed the “light bulb flower” because of its shape before opening, the crocus is the perfect metaphor for creativity and great ideas coming to life. They also represent happiness, prosperity, persistence and perseverance. As Winnipeg’s latest tattoo studio, it works well that we’re named after the provincial flower of Manitoba!

Crocus Tattoo Studio aims to embody these values in our commitment to valuing clients. Creativity. Inclusion. Celebration. Everyone who walks through our door is given a positive experience: a space to get a great tattoo – whether big or small, custom or predesigned. A place to relax and let dreams come to life on skin.

‘My very first 2 tattoos were done by Andy almost 10 years ago. As an artist he is exceptionally talented and able to turn a conceptualization for a tattoo into a reality. Andy really made the whole tattoo experience awesome; he was always open to my ideas and at the time as a tattoo novice he made the experience really comfortable and as stress free as possible. His work with bold outlines, vibrant colours and shading is incredible. If an amazing tattoo is what you want…Andy is the artist for you!’

Sandra from Toronto On

‘I have multiple pieces from Andy.  He was committed to seeing my vision for each tattoo come to fruition.  He worked with me on the designs to make sure they were perfect before we started.  His lines are clean and straight as a ruler.  Each tattoo still looks great almost ten years later!’

Joel from Hamilton On

‘My star may be the smallest tattoo I have but it is definitely the most talked about! Ever since I got this beautiful ink, people can’t help but stop me in the street and complement my little star. In all the years I’ve had it, I have never had a single negative comment about it. In fact, even people who don’t like tattoos tell me how much they hate them, but proceed to tell me how much they love my star and how it just makes them smile.
This little tattoo has gone on to become a signature of sorts in my logo for who I am as a healer and light worker.
I couldn’t imagine my face without it and I feel so fortunate to have found Andy whilst visiting my sister in Toronto. It was fate!
Not only do I love my tattoo some 7+ years later but it still looks as great today as the day it initially healed up after getting it! I am super picky when it comes to picking tattoo artists and I definitely got quality when I met Andy Richens.<3’

Elizabeth from Maple Ridge BC

‘Andy, it’s always a pleasure coming in to get tattoos done by you. You make sure everything is so clean & I always feel so comfortable when I’m in the chair. The final project is my absolute favourite because it doesn’t matter how large or small the piece is, it comes out better than I could ever imagine.’

Liz from Winnipeg Mb

‘My first tattoo was with Andy and I was a little worried it was gonna be painful. But with Andy it was a great experience and I couldn’t have hoped for anything better. He had a light hand and his line work is the cleanest I have ever seen, he does great work and he’s a great artist!’

Carter from Winnipeg Mb

‘I enjoyed working with Andy when I hired him to do my back piece a few years ago.  He took all of my ideas into consideration & came up with a design that I loved.  I receive so many compliments on it even to this day.  Andy is very meticulous in his work & I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or family!’

Marnie from Calgary Ab

‘I have three tattoos, all done by Andy. I first met him at the martial arts school we were both training at and after seeing how he approached his training, when I found out he was a tattoo artist, I decided to go ahead and get my first one done. A lot of people throw around words like kaizen (small incremental changes towards improvement), but few actually really try to live that way. Andy is one of them. I know that any further work I have done will be done by him if at all possible.’

Shane from Toronto On

‘Andy is great!  I’ve gone to Andy for multiple tattoos, not only is his work incredible, he’s a genuinely nice person. He worked with me through the design process and even ended up using his own custom font for some lettering in one of my tattoos. I would go to Andy again in a heartbeat.’

Jay from Chertsey, Qc

‘My tattoo experience was very good with Andy, he’s a caring and very work oriented artist. He’s friendly, but also professional. I highly recommend his work!’

Hailey from Winnipeg Mb, Your Content Goes Here

‘My Name is Caity and I’ve been very fortunate to have been tattooed by Andy 3 times. Each experience has been great, I appreciate that he makes me feel comfortable before and during the session and never thinks any question whether it’s about aftercare or the actual process of tattooing is a bad question. Legit talent and a great guy, I get compliments on my pieces daily and never hesitate to recommend him to others!’

Caity from Winnipeg Mb, Your Content Goes Here

‘I went in with an idea to get a tattoo that i wasn’t quite 100% sure on. So fast I saw my vision come to life on my body and it was so much better than I expected. I am so in love with my tattoo and as spontaneous it was Andy was able to help me with the decisions and figuring out how it would look best. I could not be happier and can’t wait to get the next one!’

Danika from Winnipeg Mb

‘My experiences with Andy were definitely both delightful and professional. Getting tattooed by him was more graceful than painful I’d say. He did the seed of life on the top of my foot like he’d done it many times before. He’s a great all around artist and just seems like a cool dude in general :P’

Casey from Winnipeg Mb

‘Andy is amazing. My last (pre-Andy) tattoo experience was not the greatest… the design was horrible, the quality was poor and I started to scar. I knew of Andy through a friend and set up a consult. The rest is history… he blew me away with his artistic skills and interpretation of what the tattoo symbolizes. I will never go to anyone else. Andy is the best.’

Paulina from Toronto On

‘Choosing a tattoo artist can be overwhelming. you want to find someone that has a passion for the art and will put their pride in the work, as you’ll be the one wearing it. I found Andy online, and after looking through his previous work we started talking. He was very easy to work with, quick to respond and always ensuring that the final product had his unique touch while maintaining my image. I have gotten 3 tattoos with Andy and currently planning my 4th. You can’t go wrong with him.’

Corey from Winnipeg Mb

‘I have had a number of tattoos done by Andy. He is extremely professional. He takes time before starting the tattoo to ensure he knows exactly what you want, is easy to talk to and puts your mind fully at ease. The studio is unbelievably clean. Andy explains everything clearly and gives after care information which is on point every time…..overall he’s a great artist and I am currently planning my next tattoo alongside him!! EXCITED :D’

Sarah from Winnipeg Mb

‘When I was 19 I got my very first tattoo done by Andy, I liked how welcoming and relaxed he made me feel throughout the whole process that I decided to have him tattoo my other two. I really enjoy Andy’s company, I can’t wait to have some more artwork done by him. He makes you feel welcomed, calm and he does an amazing job at what he does.’

Katherine from Rankin Inlet, Nu

‘A year ago I went in for my very first tattoo, I was a nervous wreck. Andy was super understanding and made the experience as enjoyable as possible. We have since completed 4 more and are in the process of finishing up #6! His line work and shading is top  notch!’

Joni from Niverville Mb

‘Andy was able to design my tattoo by simply listening to what I wanted. He is a talented artist who does great line work and pays attention to details. To top it off, Andy is a nice guy!’

Patricia from Toronto On

‘My sister was the one who recommended Andy to me and I can honestly say I will be coming back for my future tattoos. He is very friendly, and makes sure you’re comfortable during the session. He always mentions he’s a “perfectionist” and I like that attitude because it shows that he takes his work very seriously. My most recent tattoo Andy has worked on me is the start to my half sleeve, and I’ve been itching to add so much more! Thanks Andy! :)’

Jellyann from Winnipeg Mb

‘I waited for many years to find the right design for my owl tattoo on my back.  Andy was the only one to be able to draw what I wanted, and did a fantastic job for me.’

Bob from Winnipeg Mb

“I got my first large tattoo done by Andy! I got my horse tattooed on my arm and the tattoo was quite sentimental to me, so I am glad that I was able to find somebody to put their heart and soul into it. It took some time to finish, so good thing he’s a good conversationalist too! He’s a great person to spend time with and does excellent work. I would highly recommend him! I get so many compliments on it, even when just the bottom is poking out of my sleeve.”

Cassy from Red Lake, ON

‘Andy has done all four (and still counting) of my tattoos in the last two years, and I’m always satisfied with his work. When I got my first side piece with him, he was very patient and comforting and made sure I was ok or if I needed a quick break. His professionalism, humour, and talent is why I always come back!’

Kristen from Winnipeg Mb

‘Andy is one of the best tattoo artists I have ever had. I am glad I found him. I won’t go to anyone else now. Andy has done three of my tattoos, one was a coverup. He managed to change the coverup tattoo into something amazing. I really enjoy the way he designed it with working with me in getting what I wanted. I like the way he listens to what I want and adds input into what will work best or look best. Very open to new ideas and let’s you know when it clashes too much. Andy shows all compassion into taking care of his clients. I had some questions with after care of my tattoo, he got in touch with me right away way after hours to make sure everything was of. The tattoo colours have not faded or needed any kind of touch ups. Work looks like it was done yesterday not three years ago. He is reasonable with his prices and a good artist, very accommodating Family man all around.  You don’t see that often in tattoo shops. It’s been a pleasure having Andy as my tattoo artist. Looking forward to the next coverup he is doing for me.’

Ashley from Winnipeg Mb

‘The words ‘thorough’ and ‘perfection’ and ‘strong attention to detail’ come to mind.’

Leah from Toronto On

‘I have known Andy since I was 18 years old and he actually gave me my first tattoo. Since then I’ve had 3 more from him. He’s a very talented artist, who always makes sure his clients are happy with his work. If you want someone who will not only give you quality tattoos but also listens to your ideas and visions; Andy’s your guy!’

Britney from Winnipeg Mb

‘I found Andy to be very professional, his artwork is beautiful and he really takes the time to listen to your ideas.’

Aileen from Winnipeg Mb

‘I have several tattoos that I have collected over many years.  In that time I have had different artists.  Andy is the only artist that I have gone back to for multiple pieces, including a half leg sleeve.  The reason I go back to Andy is the effort he puts forth to ensure that I have the best possible tattoo that I am happy with and will be proud of for the rest of my life.  His bedside manner is unmatched in the tattoo industry. A really decent guy who does great work with care.  I make sure that every time he’s back in Toronto that I get a new piece from my favourite artist!’

Jeff from Toronto On

‘I went to Andy at first as a walk in, he was kind & courteous & always checked to see if we were ok while being tattooed. After a family crisis, I knew I wanted a tattoo & I immediately thought of Andy. I sent him an email & within a week I was sitting in his chair. He has taken my ideas of my “in memory” tattoo & made it into a beautiful piece of artwork. We started off simple & slow. Well I thought it was a simple tattoo.

Little did I know he was working a piece that was harder for some other tattoo artists, due to the lines & fine details. Andy didn’t flinch at all. He attacked it head on & did an amazing job. He told me his ideas & how to have it situated on my arm without out ever making me feel dumb about it or as if my ideas were silly.  I left that day feeling as if my personal journey would be a lot easier because of this tattoo & being able to see it.

Fast forward to 4 months later & I contacted him to say “she needs more, she needs to be finished” I told him my ideas, which weren’t many at all & said “run with it, I trust you.”  So I booked an appointment for a few weeks later & once again I was in his chair, happy as can be getting tattooed by one of the best tattoo artists I have met. Not only as a tattoo artist but as a kind, genuinely nice person. Andy is easy going & flexible & is full of wonderful ideas to make sure you leave happy with the piece he is doing for you.

He never makes you feel like your dumb for not knowing simple things like “Turning a piece a different way” to make it look better or even your ideas that might not jive with the original piece. He made sure to make my two pieces (that is one)  connect without being rude or condescending. He was  happy to be a part of my journey of healing & for that I am grateful. People have asked me, will you ever go to anyone else. I always reply, unless it’s in another province or country – no.

Why go somewhere else, when Andy does amazing work, whether it’s fine lines & small details, cartoon & fun, or large pieces that take time & effort. He makes tattooing look easy, when I certainly know it is not. I’m looking forward to having Andy at his OWN shop, where he can work his magic on many clients, anyone that he tattoos is lucky to have that opportunity. He’s an amazing & magnificent artist, and in my short time knowing him a great husband, dad (even with the corny dad jokes) & a good all ’round guy.’

Ashley from Winnipeg Mb , Ashley from Winnipeg Mb

‘I’ve had three tattoos done by Andy now, and each time was calm and relaxing (which for me is great since I suffer from anxiety). Best tattoo work I’ve ever had done, and I have 10 tats now! Thanks Andy!’

Margo from Portage la Prairie Mb

‘Does great work! Sessions are always easy to book and are always very easy going and enjoyable!’

Katherine from Winnipeg Mb